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solo packages



50 Clicks Solo:  Only $21



100 Clicks Solo:  Only $ 42



150 Clicks Solo:  Only $ 63


200 Clicks Solo:  Only $ 84



B) 100%- Tier1 – Clicks


1)  50 Clicks Solo:  Only $ 25



2)  100 Clicks Solo:  Only $ 50






C)  100%- U.S.A – Clicks


  50 Clicks Solo:  Only $30



  100 Clicks Solo:  Only $75



Need clicks but have a limited budget?

Special offer for non tier1 countries traffic

Usually in order to send the desired amount of T1 clicks for most of my above orders I have to redirect any traffic that is not from those T1 countries to a different offer. I am offering  these non-tier1 clicks to my customers at as low as  15 Cents per click! If you need clicks but have low budget, that special offer will be ideal for you.

You simply provide a link to your squeeze page for the make money online niche opportunity that you want to promote and I will redirect non-T1 clicks to your offer until the purchased amount of clicks have been received. Those Clicks will be worldwide traffic and will NOT contain any Top Tier countries( U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Newzealand) but will be laser targeted in make money online niche including buyers of non tier countries.

You can also send this cheap traffic to your squeeze page for a free download or what ever make money online offer you want.


  50 Non-tier1 Clicks :  Only $ 8




100 Non-tier1 Clicks :  Only $ 15




(100 Clicks Ordered , 155 Delivered!  70% tier1)   



(200 Clicks Ordered, 270 Clicks delivered!, 88% tier1 mostly US, 4 sales, 55% Optin rate)



(Got clicks mostly from top tier1, got few sales too)



(100 Clicks Ordered, 160 Clicks Delivered in just 5 hrs ! 80%  tier1 mostly US, 50% Optin rate) 






IMPORTANTHere’s How You Purchase The Solo:

Simply click the payment button with the amount of clicks you require next to it then send your solo details to my email address at: order@soloadscoach.com. Solo details include: Your URL + Your Swipe File(if you want to use yours) + Your Transaction ID, date of paymentpayment amount, Paypal email address, Clicks bought, Desired Date of delivery.If you have included a certain date you’d like your solo to be sent  I’ll do my best to schedule you in at your preferred date.Please keep your solo ad short . 200-300 words max…P.S: I will send you  scheduled date and time of delivery when it is all set for you. 


Please Read The Rules …

I may contact you within 12 hours after purchase at your PayPal email… but usually much sooner.

**Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing, MMO related FREE offers at front. **I RESERVE the right to make adjustments to your ad copy for best results. **I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money. **By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy. **I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.


Why Should You Try My Solo Ads ?

No JUNK… You must have a good free product, gift etc… (at front end).

I treat your SOLO AD like it is my own offer. I ONLY send to email lists that include Buyer lists for any mail outs. I do NOT use traffic exchanges, twitter, etc.

IM related offers will get Best Results…

FREE offers At Front end ONLY. My List Has  Buyers Included. My List Has NOT Been Over Mailed To. Hundreds Of Fresh New Subscribers Added Every Week. I Always Aim To Over Deliver. I Will Normally Deliver All Your Clicks before or within 48 Hours from starting date (i.e, if order is for 100 clicks or less) and for orders bigger than 100 clicks I may take 60 hours to 72 hours, If Not Sooner.


Q. How do I send my link and swipe copy to you? A. After you pay via the PayPal button send your solo details to my email address at:order@soloadscoach.com. Solo details include: Your URL + Your Swipe File(if you want to use yours) + Your Transaction ID, date of payment, payment amount, Paypal email address, Clicks bought, Desired Date of delivery.

Q. Do I have to send swipe copy to you? A. No, not mandatory. I shall write the ad if you do not provide a swipe. Also I RESERVE the right to amend your swipe copy  for better results in case you decide to send it.

Q. What kind of offers does my list respond to well? A. Free offer must be at front related to making money online and working from home. If you do not have free offer at front please contact me first before buying.

Q. How big is your list? A. At the time of writing this it was 50K strong, it’s growing everyday.

Q. How do I know your list will respond well to my offer? A. Well, no body knows 100%. But a good quality offer will convert well. Check my testimonials for past results.Remember it’s up to you to test and tweak your sales funnel to get it to convert well.

Q. How do you build your list? A. I build my list mostly from buying solo ad from trusted and reputable solo Ad sellers, that is the reason my solo ad buyers always receive higher opt-in rates and sales.

Q. What is your guarantee? A. I GUARANTEE you a certain number of unique clicks, and normally over-deliver.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions at all DO NOT HESITATE to contact me. I’d love to talk some business.

Email :order@soloadscoach.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/syedfanpage



 My contact on Skype:

skypeContact Skype: start1786

See you soon,

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Syed Hasan


DISCLAIMER:I CAN NOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts. However, I could guarantee that your offer will be sent to high quality & responsive lists (Buyer List Included) and you’ll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for.Refunds Policy:If you are not 100% certain you want my services please do not purchase. I do not offer refunds, but always over deliver on the clicks so everyone benefits! The only exception to this rule is if I preview your ad and decide it is not a good fit for my list, if so I will provide a prompt refund.


Terms of service & Conditions: Your purchase includes a mailing(s) to my personal list/solo ad network.Some times the purchased quantity of unique clicks may take up to more hours from the time of mailing to be delivered but I Will Normally Deliver All Your Clicks before or within 48 Hours from starting date (i.e, if order is for 100 clicks or less) and for orders bigger than 100 clicks I may take 60 hours to 72 hours, If Not Sooner.Although these hours are not guaranteed. . I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date. I also may require resending the mailing to complete the order and I will do so as many times as needed until the order is fulfilled. These re-send mailings are not considered solo mailings and may contain links to other offers. My solo network consists of top solo ad sellers.

Solo Ads will be sent to entire buyers list but no promise of purchase or profit in any way is implied.

A purchase is not considered ‘COMPLETED’ until I have verified the transaction, received the link/URL of the offer for the mailing and the order has been placed  on the autoresponder. At that time you will be notified of when to expect the mailing.

Click Tracking – My In-House tracking services are used to track the total (RAW) and unique clicks to your solo ad link. These tracking stats are the only stats that will be used to determine when a solo ad has been completed even if they are different from the customers tracking stats.

Top Tier (T1) Country Clicks – Any Top Tier Percentage Guarantee is for a percentage of the unique click amount ordered only. This percentage guarantee does not apply to any extra clicks received beyond the purchased amount and ONLY my stats, wether in-house or paid service, will be used to determine the percentage of top tier clicks delivered.

Top Tier Countries used for T1 percentages are as follows unless specified otherwise in an agreement with the individual customer or the sales material for a special offer: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you have any problems you can contact me at order@soloadscoach.com

If your offer is not a good match for my subscribers I reserve the right to deny service until an approved offer is submitted. If an approved offer is not submitted then a full refund will be issued. Once your link URL is approved I will inform you the scheduled date. By placing an order you signify that you agree to these terms. I reserve the right to make changes to these terms without prior notification.

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